In James Town – Accra’s most historic community the CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival, a community-based festival, takes place. It targets exchange between tons of Ghana-based and international artists and patrons by creating and appreciating art together with a vision to cultivate a large coverage and audience for the arts in West Africa, it breaks creative boundaries while using art as a feasible form to revamp public spaces.

chale-wote-james-town-lighthouse Chale Wote was created to change custom due to Ghana’s colonial history in which art was well accessible only to the elite community. Chale Wote has succeeded in bringing art into the streets while generating interactions that were absent before. Since 2011, the festival includes street painting, graffiti murals, photography, theatre, interactive installations, a food and fashion marketplace, live street performances, extreme sports, African film shows, street boxing, fashion parade, music block party, recyclable design workshops and much more.

chalewote-696x377The event, produced by Accra [dot]Alt Radio, is the first to be organized in Accra, Ghana, which eventually inspired similar events across the country. 2015 saw a record turnout at the CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival. Over 10,000 people came for the festival; top companies also came without prior notice. Four editions have been held previously. The first two editions ran for one day each, while the 2013 and 2014 edition ran concurrently for two days.

chale-wote-2016-pChale Wote 2016 was tech inclined, a universal transmitter, a singular architecture called SPIRIT ROBOT. This immersive memory-tech presents the world within a world where life can be structured on different terms. This year, the festival started August 15th and ended on Sunday 21st August with artists from far and near displaying their works on the streets of James town. Free minded folks of all walks of life were present to admire the works of artist and to also display their creativity through fashion. On display were modern, contemporary and traditional arts.

chale-wote-street-art-festAccording to Accra [Dot] Alt, Spirit Robot is a testament to our ability to churn idea about public and accessible African art into a viable moment in celebration of the fifth anniversary of the festival.

chale-wote-2016ghjjIt embraces a power rooted in humanity; it also refers to the energetic ability of festival participants to create a new encounter with reality that is entirely of our choosing and construction.

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