Low Life exhibition: an exhibition of abstract art in the Lagos art scene, held at Flat 16, 16 Kofo Abayomi street Victoria Island  opened on the 30th December 2016 and came to a close on the 13th of January 2017. The exhibiting artists were Olatunde Alara, Ifedoyin Shotunde and Fredrick @dricky stickman. _dsc7000

Representatives from Kuma Nation were in attendance on the last day to interact with the artists. They all spoke about the theme: #LOW LIFE which stemmed from the spirit of the Harlem Renaissance. The concept was to encourage struggling creatives who lack access and platform to express creativity without compromise. _dsc6919

Another common denominator amongst them was the impressive reception throughout the exhibition albeit low publicity. 

Our first interaction was with Ifedoyin Shotunde @ifedoyin_s_dsc6923

For Doyin, his style of art will forever be abstract. He believes creating actual forms are boring compared to when one has to be imaginative with forms and shapes. He says photography does a good job capturing these forms hence, the need for an artist to be more creative with forms. His artworks collectively expresses a message of humanizing low life rather than dehumanizing the middle and lower class._dsc6928

MUG SHOT shown above depicts a poverty stricken Man. His major challenge is transiting from one medium to another. He began creating with pencils then progressed to acrylic on Canvas. Doyin constantly feels he is not good enough which is a great thing cos that feeling will not only give room for growth but also unbound creativity. More of his exhibited works; _dsc6910


Next we met up with Fredrick @dricky_ _dsc6984

Dricky considers himself a mixed media artists. He is a sculptor, and paints on clothes – mostly denim and accessories. _dsc6957

Scripted Reality shown above tells the struggles of an average man (generic) who has to wake up every day to do things he truly dislikes but has to, so as to make ends meet.

One of the challenges he has faced/still face is people underpricing his work and on the larger art scene, it’s the lack of originality.

The last but not the least artist we met was Tunde Alara  @olatundealara_dsc7010

Tunde’s style of art is abrasive – it’s not very easy to look at except through colours. His concept is true expression without having to compromise while aware of the possibility that not every one would connect to what he does.  He narrated how in 2015, he tried to build a collective – a community of artist – which failed as a result of the absence of a sense community amongst artists._dsc6959Right now it’s not so much about the community for him as he thinks it creates an idea that every one has to like each other and agree with each other for things to work. _dsc6966

While challenges throw some people off balance, Tunde uses them to his advantage.

In his words, every progress I have made is due to the fact that I took time to remould my weakness into strength and this had aided me a lot.


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