Our African contemporary artist for this week is Etubi Onucheyo also known as Mumu illustrator. Etubi started out early with drawing stickmen inspired by the sketches done by his elder brother. He acknowledges the necessity of practice, an act that has helped me get better at what he does. 


How would you describe your style of art?

Rough and Messy

What inspires your creativity?

My art buddies and anything animated. mad-mumu

When you create, do you always have a specific message to communicate for each creation?

Yeah depends on what project am working on though I like to have fun with sketches once in a while.

What challenges have you faced/still face as an Artist in Nigeria?

Power supply and time has been a great challenge.  Also the fact that my career is still looked down on in this country. circle-nkanga

What fascinates more about being an artist?

The liberation that comes with creation, it is so fulfilling.

What creative medium would you Love to explore but haven’t tried yet?

Animation due to lack of time. 

Any advice for upcoming creatives?

I know its hard but keep doing it. Draw your cup!!!the-lions-roar

What’s the most exciting piece of art you’ve seen, and what were your thoughts on it?

Loish’s painting titled “dawn” the piece moves and touches me.


What song title best represents you as an artist?

“Something for Nothing” by Rationale. Can’t explain why but the song gets every facet of my life at its current situation.

What would you consider your ‘Muse’?

Random silly cartoons and beautiful creatures especially Women.


If you had to pick one artist to collaborate with, who would it be?

Difficult one but I would go for  Jake Parker or Edwin Haung.


You can follow Onucheyo’s journey @mumu_illustrator


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