Madwole (calls himself a Madman) is a poet, an illustrator and Graffiti artist popularly known for his style of art using mostly T.shirts and shoes as canvas.

Hello, please introduce yourself?

I am Madwole! I am an urban artist. I paint murals, graffiti and design clothing.


Can you recall when you first discovered you were interested in art?

I don’t think I will ever recall that. I started drawing before I could ever discern what i drew. I think art is innate in everyone till some lose it in the course of exploring life.

How would you describe your style of creativity?

I am very spontaneous. I kind of do a bit of everything. I don’ think an artist should be limited.12525524_1072603339462439_2705569256438481635_o

What inspires your creativity?

A lot of things do. It all depends on my mood, the environment I am in, and the thoughts that cross my mind. Nonetheless, everything inspires me ranging from  life, love, words, poetry, the world, people, God, and creativity itself.

When you create, do you always have a specific message to communicate for each creation?

Not always. Sometimes I just want to rid my mind then I draw or paint. Other times, I just want to reach out then I do that.

What are the challenges you have faced/still face as a Nigerian Artist?

Challenges! The biggest one for me  is the unavailability of good materials to work with.13062389_1089823824407057_9048739727899111896_n

What do you find fascinating about being an artist?

The fact that I can tell stories and have people listen. Art attracts people. So as an artist I really don’t need to ask anyone’s attention. The fact that I can create as well.

What creative medium would you Love to explore but haven’t tried yet?

I am quite versatile. I dabble into any medium or equipment I like. I have done water colours, charcoals, pencils, crayons, chalks, airbrush, ink, markers etc but I think I would love to use the ballpoint pen and no! I haven’t laid my hands on them yet.

Advice for upcoming Creatives?

Stay focused and constantly learn. Open your self to learning new things.13342902_1118313181558121_7886517236362520352_n

What’s the most exciting piece of art you’ve seen, and what were your thoughts on it? 

I have seen a lot and can’t remember most. I have seen paintings, sculptural pieces, architecture and nature and what really comes to my mind is ” what was this guy thinking when he did this?”

What song title best represents you as an artist? 

It varies. At one time it was Eminem’s “loose yourself”, at another time it was Nas’ “one mic” and it has changed a lot since then but now it’s Mosdef’s “brown sugar”. I love hip-hop by the way.12794322_1056189107770529_6121386760219014979_n

What would you consider your ‘Muse’?

Everything that inspires me is my muse. Probably, why I am a style chameleon.

If you had to pick one artist to collaborate with, who would it be?

A lot of them. But if I had to pick one right now it will be Faith47.

You can experience Madwole’s creativity firsthand on Instagram @madwole.



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