She is young and an embodiment of creativity. Renike is not just an illustrator but a GFX designer. 

Hello, please introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Morenike Olusanya, a final year student of the University of Lagos where I am studying Creative (Visual) art while specializing in graphic design. I’m 21 years old. I’m from Ijebu Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria. I am a visual artist, illustrator and graphic designer. My hobbies include singing, reading, dancing, making art of course and watching movies.

Can you recall when you first discovered you were interested in art?

Yes, actually. I was in secondary school, Senior Secondary school to be precise. I was one of the four students who chose Fine Art over food and nutrition and agricultural science. At that time, I thought it was actually normal for anybody to be able to draw so I didn’t think it was a big deal till I got into the University and I realized how only very few people could actually express art visually.

The struggle for hope
The struggle for hope

Is your creativity born out of passion (something you picked up and nurtured) or is it something you were born with?

It’s passion and at the same time something I believe I was born with because my family is consists of really creative people.

How would you describe your style of creativity?

Creativity can be shown in diverse ways. I show mine through drawings and paintings.

What inspires your creativity?

Culture, emotions and humor inspires me.


When you create, do you always have a specific message to communicate for each creation?

No, its not always like that. Some art I have created up till now do not have titles because sometimes, an artist does not even know why they are creating a particular piece – It just comes. Some philosophers say that the mind of an artist is sometimes chaotic in the journey of creating a work of art. It only becomes clear moments after it has been created. At other times, I do have messages to communicate to my viewers.

What are the challenges you have faced/still face as a Nigerian Artist?

Art is definitely not appreciated so much in Nigeria. We don’t get enough support and inspiration is totally limited to the problems we are facing as artists. Except if of course, you just try to focus on the positives which is what I try to do most of the time. A real Nigerian artist that lives in Nigeria and practices art in Nigeria can be said to be truly in love with art.


What do you like most about being an artist?

What I enjoy most is the fact that my mind gets busy all the time and how I always see a new creation when i look at things. My ability to create things and make them perfect. Its amazing and its definitely interesting.

What creative medium would you Love to explore but haven’t tried yet?

I recently explored water colour and its amazing, I would like to go further with it. I would also love to paint with acrylic paint and do some wood carvings.

Advice for upcoming Creatives?

Always be a learner. There is no such thing as being a “boss artist” even when people call you that most of the time. Always see yourself as a learner and learn as much as you can. Always practice and be consistent.


What’s the most exciting piece of art you’ve seen, and what were your thoughts on it?

The most exciting piece of art I have seen was a random piece I found on the Internet. I cannot remember the title. It was a giant canvass that had blue paint all over it and it sold for a couple of million dollars. My excitement wasn’t the “oh wow, it’s so beautiful” type of excitement. It was mixed with a bit of worry.

What song title best represents you as an artist?

Bird Set Free by Sia

Elephant head
Elephant head

What would you consider your ‘Muse’?

I don’t have a muse. Any beautiful black woman can be my muse.

If you had to pick one artist to collaborate with, who would it be?

It would be Sara Golish.  

You can follow Morenike through her Creative Journey on Instagram @iamrenike


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