Martin Avwenagha is an illustrator, who allows his imagination run wild while doodling on paper and walls.

Hello, please  introduce yourself?

Hi, my name is Martin Ufuoma Avwenagha. I’m an illustrator living in Lagos, Nigeria.

Can you recall when you first discovered your interest in art?

It’s really been a long time. I guess it’s safe to say it’s been from my kindergarten days in school.

Is your creativity born out of passion (something you picked up and nurtured) or is it something you were born with?

For me, It’s actually both. The desire to create has always been a part of me and I always ensure I practice so that I don’t stay stagnant or become rusty (apart from when I get creative blocks).

How would you describe your style of creativity?

I would safely say my style of creativity is along the path of being contemporary. I’m always finding new ways to express my self.

img_20160824_153756img_20160512_151959What inspires your creativity?

This is a hard one. My inspiration comes from a lot of things some of which are music, good food, conversations I overhear or am part of, the weather…just to mention a few.

When you create, do you always have a specific message to communicate for each creation?

Most of the time I do. There’s always a message, except for when I’m doing random studies on an art work I find interesting.

What are the challenges you have faced or still face as an Artist in Nigeria?

Can I write a list? Okay I’m kidding. The only challenge I have is not having access to some art materials I want to experiment with because the Art material vendors here have refused to upgrade their stock (their excuse is the dollar exchange rate….seriously ???)img_20160630_230502img_20160514_213026img_20160717_135957

What’s your favourite thing about being an artist?

Being an artist has helped me discover things about myself that no other person could. It has also helped me meet some really incredible people I can proudly call friends today. Majorly, it’s the god-like power of creation it grants me as an artist that excites me.

What creative medium would you Love to explore but haven’t tried yet?

There’s an actual list for this. Graffiti with Spray cans, Wood burning, Glass Etching, Origami, Leather engraving.

Advice for upcoming creatives?

Don’t stop honing your craft. Even when it seems like no one is watching you. Keep doing what you do with all the passion you can muster. Look for new ways to express yourself and never be afraid to experiment.

What’s the most exciting piece of art you’ve seen, and what were your thoughts on it? 

Sigh… this is hard. Right of the bat however, I think every piece of work created by Laolu Senbanjo is a masterpiece – the level of detail literally blows my mind.

What song title best represents you as an artist? 

Don’t sweat the technique – by Eric B. & Rakim

What would you consider your ‘Muse’?

Oh I don’t know really…it could be anything. Depends on my mood and location at the time of creating.

If you had to pick one artist to collaborate with, who would it be? 

Laolu Senbanjo.

You Can Follow Martin’s Journey on Instagram @Ufo_south. 



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  1. Thanks to him i rediscovered this form of art i used to do long ago but never knew it was #zentangle art. He’s an awesome colourist among other multi-talents. Just a passionate guy about anything artistic for real. I wish you more interviews #DoodleOverlord just remember us here also*winks winks*

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