Our Story

egoAt Kuma, we are a bunch of creative artists that have made the world our canvas. We believe that every one has some level of creativity and interest in art. Great art should not be considered only for the Elite, and should not be restricted to Galleries, and pretentious art exhibitions. We are all about expressing art however, whenever, with whatever medium, and painting our love in people’s hearts. We also believe that Artists should be allowed to make a living off their work (none of that ‘Brand Exposure Bull). We are non-traditional artists, which means we aren’t limited to canvas and galleries – you know those doodles in your notepad? Yup, we are about that life.

We are here to promote collaboration among artists, provide resources, and help commercialize art. We are the Real Hip Hop Of Art – the real deal (no Pangolo music). We are JayZ, Obama, Oprah, Banksy, and every one who has ever made something Epic happen. We are Muhammad Ali in his Prime. We represent every artist that knows that Art is about Giving. We represent every artist that is authentic, and doesn’t Rip off other people’s work.

We hope you enjoy our work, and stay with us on this journey. While you’re at it, Put some Respeck on our Name.

KUMA !!!!