With thousands of sheets of paper using the ancient Chinese technique, slinky paper creation that expands and contrast into carved figures/shapes were made by Mr. Li Hongbo, who lives and works in Beijing.

Mr. Li is best known for his lifelike paper sculptures, made entirely out of paper and glue which he developed out of his intent to change images and the perspective through which people see things, so they think in another way and deeply.

Mr. Li sketches his ideas before cutting his selected paper and stacking sheets to create a sculpture. Paper served as a fitting medium as Mr. Li has worked as a book editor, publisher and an ancient books expert, he initially bagged his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Jilin Normal University in 1996, Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Folk Art in 2001 and MFA degree in Experimental Art in 2010 from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.

Mr. Li’s sculptural works includes:

TOOLS OF STUDY: Mr. Li made use of a type of white paper that is most similar to marble, exhibited at Klein Sun gallery, March 2014. He featured the cultured man and the bust of Michael Angelo among others all made from slinky like paper.

Li Hongbo | Bust of David

SHADOW OF KNIVES:  Mr Li issued an intense statement on culinary culture with images of people, animals, and skeletons carved from the blades.

Li Hongbo | Hunting Metal

Some of the carvings remain linked to the knives by a small strip of metal, creating a pliable sculpture that acts as a “shadow”. The knife retains a hollow, delicate silhouette of the same figure, creating a mirroring effect.

Li Hongbo | Gaze Metal

IRON FOR AGES, FLOWERS FOR THE DAY: this artistic process includes the application of a honeycomb layer of adhesive between sheets of paper by Mr Li, to form solid yet pliable structures that can elongate, retract, stretch and twist



This work recreates the conflicts of war and weapons in cheerful colored, honeycomb like, laminated paper in which crude tools of destruction are transformed, into delicate abstract forms resembling floral patterns.

The artist eradicates any signs of destruction and chaos, by switching the menacing intent of guns into a venerable floral landscape which instead evoke feelings of optimism.


TEXTBOOKS: Li Hongbo puts his kinetic paper works to use while exhibiting his four series that expressed educational systems as economic and social prevalence across various cultures.


Throughout the gallery, giant sized binder clips hung from the ceiling, textbooks, and classroom materials form the immersive site-specific exhibition. A solo exhibition of mixed media installations ran from January 7th, 2016 to February 13th,2016.

li-hongbo-textbooks-klein-sun gallery

The Klein Sun Gallery artist built large installations of his work was featured in the Art on Paper March 3rd -6th, 2016 in New York’s Pier 36.














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