The importance of art festivals within the community is one that cannot be overemphasized as it plays a key role of development to the community, the artists and art in general.  These festivals bring together a host of artist and enthusiast, all in regards to selected themes. They are hosted, sponsored, to attract a community of artist both local and international, a mix of talent and artistry. Most of the works produced at these programs often turn out to be masterpieces. Hence, It is of little wonder when we see artists travelling from city to city, across borders just to participate in these festival.


Below is a list of 8 annually held Urban and Street Art Festivals around the world.


UPFESTcrowds-at-upfestLocation: Bristol, England.

This is one of Europe’s biggest street art festival attracting visitors from all over the world.  It features a host of urban street art forms and artist, music, art sales, workshops and charity. It was created first in 2008 and has returned every year since that, bigger. Attendance to Upfest is free, and it holds within the first weekend of June.


NUART Festival


Location: Stavanger, Norway.

NUART Festival is perhaps one of the world’s leading street art celebrations,  a long standing one too. First hosted in 2001, this festival features a series of workshops, debates, exhibitions, performances and events. The festival is a non-profit organization which is aimed at challenging and exploring new movements and trends within the urban art circle. It usually holds in the month of September.

CHALE WOTEchalewote

Location: Accra Ghana.

Started in 2011, Chale Wote is the only African festival that celebrates street art in an international level. The festival which has seen four editions since its inception features a host  of events from live street performances, photography,  graffiti murals, recyclable design workshops, street painting, to extreme sports. The festival usually holds between the months of August and September.

CHALK FESTIVAL2012-chalk-festival-430-medium

Location: Florida

Chalk festival has year after year since its inception in November 2007 gotten bigger, better and gained attention from all around the world. This festival focuses on a particular form of street art- chalk Art- which is also known as Italian street painting. The most fascinating thing about this festival is not just that it is rooted in history  but that year after year it features a variety of unique themes that favours artistic expressions.  The 2016 Chalk festival is held in the month of November.

LIVING WALLSLiving Walls the City Speaks Photography by Joshua Gwyn

Location: Atlanta, Georgia.

Using street art as a voice to promote, educate and change view points on public spaces, living walls hosted its first conference  in August 2010 in a bid to highlight these and a series of problems facing the city. This festival takes a more serious approach, not just showcasing art alone but creating important dialogues along the way. It is a more intimate experience because it focuses on one or two artist at a time, lasting a week, a month even; immersing them in the community to discover and then create.

POW! WOW! FESTIVALpwdc_video_feature

Location: Hawaii

POW! – It’s the impact that art has on a person.

WOW! – It’s reaction that art has on a viewer.

When these words come together they form POW WOW, a Native American term that describes a gathering of people celebrating culture, music and art. It has grown into a global network of artist organizing and expanding this festival to cities. This is a 7day long event that brings both local and international artist together to create murals and other forms of street arts.


Location: Mexico

The All City Canvass is one of the most important urban art festivals in Mexico; it is inspired by the Mexican moralist movement. First hosted in 2012, this festival featured 8 renowned international artists, working on 8 huge walls across the city of Mexico. And later, it began to focus on specific interventions, featuring one artist intervening one wall per city.

RVA STREET ART FESTIVALrva-street-art-festival

Location: Richmond, Virgina.

The RVA Street festival is a fun festival that is aimed at developing and motivating youths in preparation for the different facets of life. The festival, through colours, through art brings a sense of life to communities and cities alike, it also showcases both local and international talents. It is a three day event.

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