The art of bodypainting is one that requires a whole lot of skill and intuition too to conquer its technicalities. Although it is an art form easy on the skin, there is a lot to prepare for. Being an art performed on a life subject, bodypainting requires longer man-hours, and patience, both of the artist and the subject.

One of the fundamentals of the art of bodypainting is illusion; the ability for the artist to maneuver the naked frame and create his art in a way that it both blends perfectly, it becomes one with the body. The ability to do this flawlessly is what makes a good body-paint artist.

We bring to you five body paint artist who are doing exceptionally well in their craft. Be astonished!


Born and raised in Italy, Johannes Stotter is a self-taught body paint artist/painter.  He has over the years, before his rise to world acclaim spent time in developing his skills and creating his own unique technique to body painting. He rose to fame after he took part competing at the world’s Bodypainting Festival in Austria, 2009, winning many awards for his bodypainting works in the years that did follow. He currently teaches Bodypainting at the World Bodypainting Academy, World Bodypainting Festival and Anatomic Bodypainting at Yoni Academy. His works are greatly influenced by nature and spirituality.





“It is my intent to continue to explore and expand the perceptions and boundaries of this most ancient, alluring, and contemporary art form.”?

~ Craig Tracy

Born and raised in New Orleans La, USA, Craig’s creative side was nurtured from a very tender age, developing as he grew into his teen and adulthood. Craig’s work is deeply influenced from the community in which he finds himself in, New Orleans; its authentic and vibrant culture. He graduated with from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and there was no questioning his choice of career as an artist. He worked as a commercial illustrator for a long while until he got bored and discovered his love for bodypainting, an art that took him years to fully grasp.




Gesine is from the town of Eckernforde, Germany. She was born on the 7th of April 1987 and was raised in Durtmund, German, away from the town of her birth. She has a B.A degree in rehabilitation science, and has over the years been involved with children’s project at the hospital in Durtmund.  Gesine currently works in a center for autism therapy as an art/creative therapist. It is amazing to see her do all these things, using her bodypainting as a medium to better society. She has described her bodypainting art as therapeutic and has even gone further to publish a book about it.



Emma Fray’s works are inspired by evolution and Origin. Using the human body as a canvass, Emma Fray imbibes these two elements by portraying a sense of surrealism in her works. She arose to international acclaim as a body artist following the realease of Marvels Nature Series.  She was born in the year 1987.



Born in Suvereto, Italy in the year 1950, Guido discovered his artistic self at a very young age. He attended the Brera Artistic High School and graduated from the Brera shool of Arts in the year 1972 where he majored in Sculpturing . Guido began working corporately as an hyper-realistic illustrator in 1972 and in 1990 he acquired his bodypainting skills, adding to his other artistic experiences.


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