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Cafe art projects thrive on the theme Art Is For All, giving room to various individuals who are homeless or socially vulnerable to benefit from creative activities and projects which in turn boosts their confidence, self-esteem, social skills and make available opportunities for future education, training, and employments thereby encouraging a functional society through art.

The project gives aid to individuals who may struggle with more conventional forms of communication while bridging communication between the abled and the disabled individuals.

The current spin-off project brought about 105 one-time-use FujiFilm cameras being handed out at St Paul’s Cathedral, London for the 2016 Cafe Art MyLondon Photography Contest held between 1st & 6th July resulting in a fantastic curation of unique views of London. Training on how to use the cameras was given by The Royal Photographic Society.

Graffiti by Banksy| Graffiti Area Photograph by Saffron Saidi | Cover Photo 2017 MyLondon Calendar.

The pictures were selected at random by a panel of judges featuring last year people’s choice winner David Tovey and the renowned photographer Ken Lennox,  the top 20 selected photos were voted on by the public in Spitalfields Market between 1 & 7 August 2016. The first 13 photos in the vote made it into the 2017 MyLondon calendar.

London calling by Hugh Gary | May 2017 MyLondon Calendar

View the gallery for Top 20 photos and details.

The winners in the exhibition receive cash prizes of £50 for the photographers in the exhibition and £100 for the ones on the calendar; the two winning photos -the public choice and judges’ choice- receive £150 each. The cash prize comes from income of the 2015 calendar sales.

London bus with sculpture by Alana del Vale | June 2017 MyLondon Calendar

This is sure an awesome platform to empower people by making them help themselves, gain confidence and earn at the same time.

Photo via Cafe Art

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