Animal Doodles


Let’s take a trip through the safari courtesy of Rohan Sharad Dahotre imagination featuring images of wildlife creatures he had given new attires by doodling on their silhouette in a series called ‘Animal Doodles’.

Leafy Camouflage

Sharad Dahotre is a designer and illustrator from India, being a nature enthusiast, he puts his imagination to use by doodling on images of animals he had found on google, enhancing them in African-inspired designs with defined geometric details resulting in a regal look.

Feather Sweater

Animal Doodles is an idea to experiment with doodles of tribal patterns on photographs of animals in the wild for Rohan Dahotre, having always found inspiration in tribal art and off late, in African patterns and designs specifically.


This project celebrates animals and birds in their glory by bringing out the beauty of their characteristics, behaviors, colors and textures with black and white sketches.


The creative experiment was also an enriching learning experience digitally done using a Wacom in adobe illustrator.

Tribal 2
Black Beauty

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  1. The chameleon though. It looks like it’s getting ready to dance salsa. ???

    But I love the ostrich most. Looks like it’s kinging.

    • Lol! I didn’t even see that, I only noticed the chameleon holding on to the branch too tightly.
      I totally love the ostrich myself.

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