Art is obviously beyond drawing, it’s the act of creation. While some artist and art enthusiasts draw with acrylic paints, spray paints, oil paints, watercolor paint, Gouache paint and Encaustics paint, some others create art from recyclable waste. Some of these recyclables might include newspaper, metals, aluminum, plastic objects, wood and several other things. While some of these artists create for the fun of it, some create as a means of contributing to the sustainable environment and some others create to pass a message across. We would explore some of these arts created from waste.

LIN EVOLA-SMIDT is popular for her sculpt Renaissance Peace Angel which she created to advocate World peace. She melts weapons and transforms them into Art which radiates serenity and Grandeur.

Renaissance Peace Angel. (Image Source: The Green Life)

KYLE BEAN specifically creates hand crafted models. Upon graduation in 2009, he has since worked on a various platforms ranging from installations, window displays, editorial and advertising. His works What Came First really displayed his phenomenal creativity.

What Came First. (Image Source: Kyle Bean)

HEATHER JANSCH is an artist whose passionate about drawing and horses. She was asked to leave college’s course with the reason that she did not have the talent of being a painter. But then, she decided to pursue what she loves and finally came out with driftwood horses which looks like they are living things with feeling.

Apollo. (Image Source: Heather Jansch)

YONG HO JI is a Korean artist who recycles used tires into art. His creativity is mostly in the form of animal and he also creates very cool mutants which are either combined by 2 animals or an animal and a human.

Lion. (Image Source: Yong Ho Ji)

ERIKA IRIS SIMMONS aka Eric 5 basically uses objects like cassettes to create unique works that focus on popular people or team like Michael Jackson and Beatles.

Ghost in The Machine – The Beatles. (Image Source: Eric5)

DEREK GORES is an artist acclaimed nationally for his collage portrait which he produces from recycling magazines and Labels. His work has portrayed his attraction for the innate beauty of the body and the daring aspect of play.

Collage 07. (Image Source: Derek Gores)

ANDREW CHASE is a photographer (chase studio) and one of the few artists who has the capability to create animals from metals. He has created animals like cheetah, elephant, dinosaurs, bear, cheetah, etc.

Elephant. (Image Source: Chase Studio)

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