Mark Liam Smith is a Colour blind artist who stormed the art scenery with his recent body paintings called Imagined Narratives. His work was exhibited at a duo at his Toronto gallery in 2016 and it featured larger painting of multiple figures and hand paintings which Smith named Hand Haikus. The photorealistic paintings were painted with non-local colours, a trademark Smith started due to his colour blindness.image003

Smith explained he had to depend on colour mixing formulas for so long to be able to recreate skin tones. Later on he found out that local colours restricted his expression. He eventually adopted the use of non-local colours to develop his work after he no longer perceived his colour blindness as a weakness but strength.image004

Born in Middlesbrough, England, he developed an early interest in art and did a lot of drawing while growing up. He has three degrees in Physiology, Painting and Linguistics all from University of Saskatchewan. He moved to Toronto since 2015 and since then has been awarded the Emerging artist by the federation of Canadian artist. Double Entendre; one of his flagship paintings won him the fifth place in the competition held by international confederation of art critics. He also exhibited at SCOPE Basel in Basel, Switzerland in the summer of 2016. One of his smaller paintings; creative currency landed him a group show at Jankossen Contemporary in Chelsea, New York City. The show ended on the 17th of August 2016.  He is represented by Rouge Gallery in Saskatoon and by Elaine Fleck Gallery in Toronto. All images are courtesy of Mark Liam Smith. Learn more about mark and his work on www.markliamsmith.comimage009 image005 image007


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