13628091_1618163851827905_912865151_nBankslave is a Kenyan graffiti artist, activist and a member of the spray uzi crew with most of his paintings seen in Nairobi and some parts of Europe. He started out painting on canvas before he progressed to spray cans. 11032974_1586759818238093_2110749114_n

Inspired by graffiti pieces he had seen on taxis in Nairobi, he decided to create art that wasn’t selfish  – the kind of art that is open to everyone and not just to galleries. 15534786_1859393520961851_2530027189529739264_n

He uses his art to inspire youths, aspiring artists and the community at large. His piece are mostly tributes to heroes; both living and dead. 13381040_248236105555942_477614334_n

During the 2007 election campaign, in collaboration with some artists, they used art to speak to the people. They used it as a medium to bring to the consciousness of people the wrong doings of politicians and the need for them to make the right decision. 15534865_247256125695433_7906376532363313152_n

In his words;  Artists who do contemporary painting often criticize graffiti. They say it isn’t art. To them, we are rivals.


Bankslave hopes to build his brand. He is a fun person and when he is not writing on walls, he is customizing T. shirts. 1689694_1474763366168363_30460448_n

Connect with him via @Bankslave

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