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You may know Chris for singing and dancing  but do you know of his flair for painting? Chris Brown’s artistic prowess runs deep, though mostly regarded as a singer and dancer he did not relent in his love for painting. Having found self-expression through creativity and originality through art, Chris was propelled to opportunities beyond his thought or wildest dreams.

Chris Maurice Brown


Chris may have had the past that doesn’t speak well of his image, he has strived to make a better image for himself, exhibiting his versatile ability as an artist.

Chris Brown has been showing off his graffiti skills since he released the album Graffiti 3 years ago. In 2013 Chris teamed up with Romero Britto, the duo spray painted a mural for children using his artistic skills to give back to the society. Brown visited Miami, representing his foundation by painting a mural in honor of their “Global Best Buddies Day” all proceeds from the event went to charity, which was aimed at helping young people through the arts.

Chris Brown & Romero Britto | Best Buddies Day 2013

Out of his belief that love and art have the capacity to change the world, Chris created the Symphonic Love Foundation which is an evolution of his history of giving back. This foundation was created to support and generate art programmes for youth while encouraging every day public service.

Chris Brown & Ron Bass | House of Wings, Miami

Brown spray painted murals for children, as he believes in the cultivation of  creativity, promotion of positivity and to lead with love every chance/day as instilled in him by his mother whom he grew up emulating as she partakes in her love for public support.

Chris’s artistic identity is referred to as KONFUZED or tagged #KONFUZED. The singer is quite handy at spray painting, he put his skill to use every chance he has. He made a special appearance on his friend Tyga’s MTV2 reality show Kingin’ and gave Cairo Tyga’s son’s room a makeover.

Chris brown spray painting Cairo’s room

Most of the paintings were done by Chris and  supported by Tyga. They drew mickey mouse inside the room of the 2-year-old.

Chris Brown | Dutch Music Festival

Chris Brown spray painted a car at the Dutch music Festival, though hardly known for his washboard abs and pumped pectorals. He was not deterred from stripping off as he spray painted a car at the Dutch music festival in Holland. The RnB star seemed to be having a great time as he indulged his creative side by scrawling all over the vehicle, from bumper to bonnet.

Chris Brown | Car Graffiti

Chris presented Chinx for French Montana’s 31st birthday. Chris Brown came through with a fitting gift for the occasion, painting a portrait (along with artist Dee Cosey) of French Montana and Chinx –the latter with angel wings and a halo–.

Chris Brown | Chinx via Instagram
Chris Brown | Chinx via Instagram

Brown showed his support of Wizkid utilizing his artistic skill, he made a sample painting of our very own Wizkid which he posted on his Instagram page.

Chris Brown | WizArt

Chris has worked on many collaboration,  he collaborated with Karen Bystedt, where he added his artistic touch to the iconic Andy Warhol photograph taken by Karen which was later shown at the Bruce Lurie Gallery in Los Angeles.

Chris Brown also collaborated with Michael Farhat from Art Mobb for the production of Graffiti video


Chris has previously worked with Ron English who painted Chris’s F.A.M.E album art, they also worked together on the Dum English collectible series and unique art sculptor May 2, 2012, the toy was a spin-off from Chris’s blog/lifestyle site that also houses Chris street art and other budding artists.

Chris Brown & Ron English showing off English Dummy
Chris painting a sample of English Dummy

Back in 2014 while on Hot 97 FM where he painted an original piece from start to finish Chris revealed when he was younger, he used to spray on t-shirts and sell or trade them for homework, that’s how he got into spray painting and he’s done 30 “big pieces” since.

Chris at HOT 97 FM

He went on to reveal that the passion might turn into full-time focus “I might take a full on career in art –in painting- after the music and everything is done but I do not know how long that’s gonna be”

A lot of Chris’s art may have featured ghouls, caricatures, and comics, he is still one to relate with on an artistic level. He is not just skilled with a mic but with a spray can, too!


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