Kim keever is an American Artist whose brilliant photographs display colourful abstract sometimes called ‘Art under water’. The photographs are created by spilling colours of different shades into a 200-Gallon tank of water and then capturing on camera the different hues as the disperse through the water. His works featured here are recent work from June 2016.image003

Kim was initially a thermal engineer working on Nasa projects until he changed his career in the late 70’s to become an artist. His style of artwork has involved landscapes, abstract Images, eroding mountains, dogs and figures etc. Kim is based in New York City and his works have been exhibited in various Galleries like Waterhouse and Dodd Gallery (main Gallery), Adamson Gallery, Carrie Secrist Gallery, David B. Smith Gallery and Museums like Museum of Modern art, New York,  Hirshhorn Museum, Washington Dc,  Museum of contemporary art, Kansas city,  Patterson Museum, Patterso, New Jersey and several other Museums across the United States. Visit Kim  to view more of his works. All images are Courtesy of Kim Keever.image005 image007image011image001

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