‘Situ’ is the first solo exhibition event by the creative Duo guyandherbert.  They use camera to capture thought-provoking masked images created from ingredients which express day to day unusual circumstances. They capture the moment while it happens rather than depend on post production. The duo said their creative situational mask series is to encourage their viewers to submerge themselves into a mix of everyday situations and related environment mixed with a colourful palette of ingredients.guyandherbet-image-2The solo exhibition has been on at The Book Club on Leonard street, London since the 18th of Auguust and would last till the 16th of October 2016. The whole event has been directed and curated by Liat Chan. To read more about the Duo, you can visit www.guyandherbert.com.guyandherbet-image-3Aside the situational mask series, the duo have other striking arrays of art work displayed that are within the creative industry. Going against design trends, modern technology and uninspired by profit, they have built an intriguing style of art.  All images are courtesy of guyandherbert.guyandherbet-image-4


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