When it seems like we have seen all that there is to see in the world of hyperrealist street art, like there is nothing more that can surprise our imaginations anymore… baam! another artist would out of the blue shock us with yet another incredible work of art, taunting our visions and limited perceptions as if to say, ‘Art is limitless, you ain’t seen nada!” and truly, we haven’t.

This is what self-taught artist/surfer Sean Yoro does to us with his hyperrealistic art of beautiful women ‘submerged’ in water.


A street artist based in New York City, Sean is well known by his art name Hula. Halu combines his passion for street art and surfing by creating stunning series of street murals that portray women emerging from water, most of which are images of his personal friends. He creates these images along concrete walls, ruined and abandoned structures surfacing out of the water. Halu paddles his surfboard to whatever chosen location and then balances his work tools and himself on the surfboard as he works.

hallllGoing over the finished works, it remains somewhat of a wonder how he creates his art effectively well.ha  halll halllll hallllll halu

All oil paints and mediums used for each project are completely non-toxic, made with alkali-refined linseed oil or safflower oil and natural pigments. Not only are these vegetable oils completely non-toxic, they are also commonly used in health and beauty products.

photo source: Halu

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