Intricate Hand Lettering Patterns


At first sight, lace comes to mind, a closer look will prove you wrong, in place of lace, beautifully placed hand letterings cut from paper can be seen all aligned and labyrinth-like.


Annie Vought played with the relationship between public art and private correspondence through intricate hand lettering patterns meticulously cut from paper.

Oakland-based artist Annie Vought’s labyrinth-like patterns of hand-cut letters are based on actual pieces of writing she’s stumbled upon. If you look closely enough she even adheres to the penmanship, word choice and spelling of the original authors.


For Annie Vought, writing represents an emotional revelation of the inner self. She renders that delicate relationship between words and personal identity in her intricate, hand-cut art. Using an X-acto knife, Vought slices tiny typography into large paper sheets, creating carefully coiled lexicons and newly labyrinthian replicas of found notes.

image015When choosing to reproduce other people’s written communications as art, she recognizes that she’s exposing them in an intimate way. Annie believes exposure is a vulnerability we all share. She’s interested in human relationships, overall—the ones we have with ourselves and others.


Gosh, I’ve been here before is her most detailed and time-consuming project to date, spanning 41”x53” so is her House on Fire project. Whether you choose to decipher the lanced messages or merely admire Vought’s painstakingly precise patterns, her work is entrancing, manifesting her close attention to the elaborate complications of human language and psychology.

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