Introducing Incredible Artist Alex Konahin


Alex’s work at first seems like a digitally enhanced diagram but on a closer look one realizes that every single marking was done by hand. The levels of details and dedication exhibited by his works are insane!

Alex Konahin was born 1981 in Russia before relocating with family to Latvia. He is a Ventspils-based artist with a distinctive style of drawing resulting in the creation of incredibly intricate and ornate illustrations.  Alex creates the body of his drawing with pencil then switch to dip pen and India ink as his main tools. He often draws insects, human anatomy, intense visual abstraction and wild animals.

Before Alex’s dedication to art full-time, he has previously studied and worked in different areas – from jurisprudence to seafaring. He has visited some of the most beautiful places on Earth, which later had a great impact on his art.


Alex is a completely self-taught artist, who never had an art education, he started to make a living solely from his art in 2012. Being part of numerous group exhibitions around the world, he gained recognition over the internet. However, he has lots of experience working independently as an illustrator.

Visit Alex Konahin on Tumblr


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