Jaye Jennifer Whitehead is a Florida-based watercolor and gouache painter whose style of painting explores beauty and feminity. Jaye born in 1992, badged a bachelor degree in Fine arts from Florida State University in 2014.

She explains the idea behind her watercolor painting collection saying, I am a young middle-class woman in a contemporary western society. This leaves me often inundated with societal influences and numb to the bombardment of advertising featuring nameless faces- the generic beauty.

She goes on to also say she drew the nameless faces with large eyes, small nose, and full lips when she was young. She expressed herself by imitating the ideal beautiful face that she perceived to be good.

However, with age and experience her perception of identity deepened, she found discord from her earlier disclosure of the truth. Is the idealized pretty face actually the pinnacle of goodness? Is there power in the immunity of the blank expression?

The most informative attribute of her work are the eyes of the figures and while looking at their viewers, they (paintings) leave them with little inclination they are ever being seen. The pattern of perfect humans’ appeal to the viewers for personality assignments. This would lead the viewer to question who she (Painting) is and why she has been predominantly displayed.

She finally said as I explore the medium of watercolor on a large scale, I find the ephemeral quality and lack of material substance parallel to the themes of my work. The use of watercolor to highlight facets of the face is a style I have found unique and important to the intent of my work. Learn more about her style of art at JayeWhitehead.com. All images are courtesy of Jaye Whitehead.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC


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