The Sacred Art of the Ori is a spiritually intimate experience. It is cathartic for both me and my muse. We connect our minds, bodies and soul on high levels. I paint their spirit and soul from that connection. It breathes life unto us both. -Laolu Sebanjo.


Have you ever questioned your body? Have you ever stood before a mirror, bare and wondered if this mass of flesh is all there is to you, if there is more to this often overwhelming ambience of your physicality?


Have you wondered about the layers to your being; have you explored them, have you experienced them? Have you wondered what it is your body covers so tautly between its pores? Have you met with your spirit, have you met with your soul? Do you like what you see, do you reconcile? Do you?

I stand naked before you, shameless, plain as I am- my body, your canvass. Run your colours through me, stroke your chalk against my ridges; call forth my soul, give it form… trace its pattern all over me and tell me stories.


Tell me my story and the stories of those that came before me. Tell me stories of love and war, of hate and sacrifices; stories of the life I had lived before this one. Tell me stories of gods and men: of beggars who sold their souls to become kings and kings who ran mad with power, destroying everything in their wake.


Tell me of that time when at day’s break a cockerel swallowed a python whole and at dusk the village madman remembered his way home. Print out my fears, show me my demons, I am ready to face them.

Write out my history, trace out the patterns of my present and let them be a guide, let them be my path to tomorrow.


Photo source: @laolunyc

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