Talking about street artist and artworks that make statements in the urban cycle, we talk Le CyKlop.

Imagine walking down the streets of Paris not just with the feeling alone but with the knowledge of being watched. Along the road, across the road, you make a turn… big and colourful eyes on street poles and other street furniture assume characters -angry characters, funny characters, happy characters, queasy characters- they all watch you. Creepy or Nah or awesome?


Well, if you do encounter these do not fret; the planet hasn’t been invaded by the aliens, atleast not yet! These are most probably just unique works of art from Parisian street artist Le CyKlop.


Since 2007, Le CyKlop has been transforming public spaces -the streets of Paris- into highly imaginative and colorful art pieces, creating a lively environment and fascinating spectacle.


CyKlop turns bites, street signs, parking posts or bollards, and other public structures along streets in Paris into colorful one-eyed monsters, LEGO minifigures, and other well-known pop culture characters with different expressions and unique personalities. They watch the city; he watches the city. image008 image009 image011

Or… maybe, just maybe the aliens are here already and have liaised with Le CyKlop to observe, first, before taking over the world- street by street.  #JustSaying

Photo Source: Le CyKlop

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