Dale is a contemporary artist who did a new series; I AM NOT A CHILD, which he used as a platform to raise awareness of mental health amongst youngsters. Inspired by youngsters in Edinburgh who have and are still going through challenging circumstances like anxiety, autism and trauma, he collaborated with them using their words and experiences to create this phenomenal work of art.dale-vn-marshall-pix-1Marshall was initially a Graffiti artist who painted the streets of Bristol under the name ‘Vermin’. He once spent time at one of Britain’s old psychiatrist hospital; St. Lawrence in Cornwall. He got inspired by his experience in St. Lawrence and also from the poverty and suffering he witnessed in wales where he had his former studio.dale-vn-marshall-pix-2dale-vn-marshall-pix-3Marshall worked with performance poet Jenny Lindsay and Edinburgh based theatre company to create a play to share experience and raise awareness of mental health. The emotions expressed were breathtaking with the youngsters commenting ‘We have to play roles in life to get by and I have a lot of thoughts but I am afraid I will be put down’. He used materials like acryclic, crayons, needles, wax crayons and water colours to create the amazing work of art that told his compelling story. All images are courtesy of Dale vN Marshall. To learn more about dale and his works visit www.dalevnmarshall.co.ukdale-vn-marshall-pix-4

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