How often do you see nude images of obese men? Let me guess, almost never?  Now, how often do you see nude images of obese men hanging from really awkward positions? My guess is never!  Well, in today’s post we feature lots of these images so brace yourselves First-timers, and The Rest, its going to be a *insert adjective that best describes this situation* ride .


In one of his recent works, Chinese born Sculptor Mu Boyan explores through his art the tacky and sensitive subject- obesity. Creating hyperrealistic sculptures in huge and mini sizes of obese nude sumo men, Mu builds a strong case that counters the notion of the West towards obesity. While obesity is regarded in the West with a negative overload of unhealthy eating and excesses, in the East the case is different. There, obesity symbolizes abundance, it symbolizes health and wealth..



Mu, through his sculptures captures the beauty in obesity. He argues that obesity is a beautifully nurtured, rich human body condition and should not be treated with the negativity of overload.  These things he states clearly with the nudity of his sculptures; in the thick rings of ‘flesh’ pressed against one another in their animation, in their bareness and the bizarre positions they take- positions that scream No Shame!mu-boyan_art_13





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