When it comes to recycled art, there is no restriction as to what qualifies for recycling or what in fact ‘garbage’ can be recycled into. The point is, with recycled art everything from start to the finish, from materials used to the techniques applied are all dependent on the creativity and imagination of the artist in question.  There are no rules, no laid down formats, just the artist determines the execution.

Artist and fashion designer Venera Kazarova combines her love for paper and fabric, alongside polyethylene, plastic utensils and other everyday items she lays her hands on to create Outlandish outfits.


Venera is a graduate from Moscow state University of Design and technology. She makes a career for herself creating clothing for theatre and contemporary performances. She is inspired by the natural form, by dreams and by fairy tales, and all these are elements she infuses in her creations.out outla outlan outland outlandi outlandis outlandish outlandishh

Image source: Behance

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