There are  lots of incredible street art and artists out there creating incredible, sometimes unbelievable artworks, working their way through the urban art cycle and finding relevance. For these artists, there is the continuous zeal to create never-done-before works of art, to stylize something unique. There is the desire to standout, for the artist to create a name through his art.

One street artist who excels in this is Australian born street artist, Smug. Smug creates highly realistic street art, portraits and whatnots. For Smug, realism is just a stroke of the brush away. His attention to details and technical know-how is evident in his works as they always come out looking more like photographic works.

Smug’s style is characterized by 3D elements; perspective, tones, lights, etc. They all in perfect synchronization create the powerfully visual and incredible works of women, famous characters, portraits and sometimes bizarre/humorous scenes that has his name tagged on.smug-one-4smug smuggggsmug-one-7smug smugonn

Photo Source: Smug

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