Trash Art: Steampunk Sculptures Repurposed From Trash


It’s safe to assume we all know the old adage that goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Some of us might have put that into action, using old car tyres for decoration maybe that doesn’t count but these old tyres, fabrics or furniture could have been thrown out… but instead, some pretty brilliant creative people find ways to repurpose their old trash.

Trash Art: Steampunk Sculpture | Octopus Jewelry Box
Trash Art: Steampunk Sculpture | Spaceman

Artūras Tamašauskas, an artist from Lithuania is one of such brilliant people who tap into their creativity to repurpose their trash. He creates steampunk sculptures repurposed from trash using various antiques and metals. His sculptures titles include “Turbo Fish”, “Octopus Jewelry Box”, “Coffee Man”, “Ostrich Runner” and “Royal Penguin”.

Trash Art: Steampunk Sculpture | Piggybank
Trash Art: Steampunk Sculpture | Royal Penguin

Artūras explained his attraction to the creation of the penguin, “I’ve been thinking about creating a penguin for a long time. These creatures are funny for me but at the same time graceful and elegant. The royal penguin caught my eye. He seemed to be the perfect one to realize my ideas. While I was holding an old motorcycle lamp housing in my hand, the idea came – it will be the main part of the body! The rest came itself. I didn’t try to copy the exact proportions of the body, I wanted to make it as a funny animated cartoon character or something like that and my fantasies became reality.”

Trash Art: Steampunk Sculpture | Royal Penguin.
Trash Art: Steampunk Sculpture | Wine Rack

The royal penguin stands on the transparent flow with dignity, looking into the distance as if knowing exactly where the next hole will be drilled.

Trash Art: Steampunk Sculpture | Chameleon
Trash Art: Steampunk Sculpture | Chameleon

Artūras work is unique, fun, intricate, and simply amazing. Recycling isn’t so difficult when you have clever ideas like this.

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  1. Tomisin Olumuyiwa

    The reinvention of trash into beautiful art pieces is gaining traction. Indeed, nothing is waste until we waste it. At the instance of wasting any/many things, there are a few people in Nigeria who make cool stuff especially those with easy access to waste like scavengers, but they don’t have many clever ideas. I guess people like Arturas are called experimental artist right? i’m a budding one too. I like to think of the many things a discarded item can be converted into, sometimes the ideas don’t come immediately and i end up storing items “panti”.

    • Hi Tomisin! Thanks for the comment. I totally agree with you on Arturas being an experimental artist, this site is made available to inspire, groom and educate so as to have more Nigerians delving into urban art and its other forms. And hey Tomisin! we will sure reach out to you to participate in some of our art activities soon. Be on the look out.

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