Tape art is a part of contemporary urban and street art, just using tape. A form of artwork created from adhesive tape such as packing tape or duct tape, different type of tapes have been developed over the years.

image001Tape can be used to produce a “stained glass” effect when applied to glass or plastic which is lit from behind. It can be attached to a wall to form the outline or an image or can be shaped into three-dimensional sculptures.


Tape art was developed as an alternative to the use of a spray can in the urban scene. It is easy to install quickly with no sound, it requires no covering or masking also relatively easy to handle and can be applied on various surfaces such as stone, sandwich panels, glass, asphalt, and wood.

image007In the current urban scene, tape art versatility is broader than before, a lot of artists use tape to create their masterpieces, using it as a mask or to hold layers of their works together.

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