Argentinean born Manuel Aires- photographer and sculptor has a very crazy imagination he puts to effective use via his art. Manuel’s art is characterized by hyperrealism and the manipulation of visuals. Manuel creates digitally manipulated photographs, Hyperealist Intimacy –a series of images that pretend to be hyperrealistic sculptures of humans.


Manuel who has a very solid background in the arts began his creative journey at a very young age. At age 5, Manuel began practicing sculpturing, drawing, and other forms of art in his mother’s studio. Years later, he went under the tutelage of Carlos Padrazzini, gaining also the knowledge of Comic Art. It was in that same period that Manuel began his practice of photography working with different professionals.  Since then, Manuel has evolved tremendously as an artist.


A photography that pretends to be a sculpture invites us to pay attention to the detail, unable to spin around, we have to accept that the other sides are there as well.  We are obliged to accept that the piece has been edited for us, making us focus on one part of it only.  In each case, the study and the election of the instant of movement are present. Even inviting us to doubt its existence as a sculpture.

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The series Hyperrealist Intimacy was exhibited from the 15-18th of September 2016 at the Start Art Fair, Sratch Gallery in London.

Photo Source: Manuel Archain

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