The Olympics Mural Champ, Eduardo Kobra


One of the most renowned artists coming from Rio, this year’s home of Olympics Eduardo Kobra has made a fruitful entrance into the mural category of the Guinness World Record.

eduardo-kobra-world-largest-mural-rio-olympicsHe painted on a 190-meter long piece of wall in Rio de Janeiro; this incredible painting covers an abandoned warehouse in port district. The mural was completed July 30th, after days and weeks of hard work that included about 12hours each day. Around 100 gallons of white paint, 1,500 liters of colored paints and at least 3,500 cans of spray paint resulted in this gigantic work.

eduardo-kobra-world-largest-mural-rio-olympicsIt materializes the spirit of the Olympic Games not only in size and the bravery of the venture, also a visual composition consisting of 5 faces that resemble typical indigenous people from 5 different countries. His symbolic notion of a wide spectrum of colors was in use which also signifies the inclusive nature of the games.

Kobra intentionally displays human race in its diversity. In his quest to show that “everyone is united” contrary to our current state of “living through a very confusing time with a lot of conflicts”, he titled the mural “Ethnias or Ethnicities” and as suggested by the artist is a part of bigger series called “Peace Outlooks or Ol hares da Paz”

eduardo-kobra-mural-rio-olympicsKobra’s work on Olympic boulevard may go down as one of his most impressive pieces of collection, definitely not the last. Colour, style, and cultural vibrancy. Three adjectives that describe the city of Rio de Janeiro, and the illustrious 560-foot wall that now holds a Guinness World Records title.


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