The Poetry in Deconstruction: Walls by Vhils


Born in the year 1987, 29 years old Alexandre Farto also known by his art name Vhils is a graduate of the University of Arts London Central, Saint Martins. Vhils was raised in a town in the outskirt of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. During this time, Portugal was in transition; it had joined in the European Union and was undergoing urban development.

image001The conflict of this transformation had a great impact on Vhils and his Artwork. It would be safe to say that it forms the bedrock of his craft. He was influenced by the streets, street arts he saw on his way to school, the changing contrast in them brought about by the intensive urban development the country was undergoing.


Vhils began writing graffiti at the age of 10.

I do not really like to think of myself as an artist, but I remember I was always drawing as a child and when I was around ten years old I became fascinated with graffiti I saw on my way to school. And it was long after that I was out there bombing with other kids. So, I regard graffiti as my first art school.

image005Vhils grew into his art, imbibing the transition he experienced in his surroundings into it; a means of communication and expression.

image007Using construction tools to break away the surface layers of walls, deconstructing, Vhils creates from this destruction highly detailed artworks- chiseled facade portraits. A unique style and approach to the art that has brought him international acclaim.

image009This process of deconstruction for Vhils is more. It is the manipulation of what currently exist; breaking, scrapping, carving, exposing and revealing layers to create something beautiful. This, this is poetry.

Vhils works- this narrative of deconstruction,  speaks to the core of human emotions. They are a reflection of all facades of life in contemporary urban societies and their situated environments.

image011Vhils wall art is soul, a mirror looking through man and the society he exists in.

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