There is graffiti and then there is 3D graffiti.

3D graffiti is a genre or graffiti on its own that is technical, influenced by technology and requires a certain level of skill and a highly technical knowledge of the use of angles, shadows light, and dept all in a bid to creating an highly realistic deep that is or looks solid and not flat on a surface. 3D graffiti artist create an illusion, he works with certain visual angles, changing the tonal scale of a select colour; shadowing, just for the aim of making his or her work look present, tangible and alive.

Perspective, tones and lights are key when it comes to 3D graffiti. Just like any other type of graffiti, a rough sketch is made first on whatever surface the graffiti artist is working on. It is the artist application and infusion of these three elements that makes it 3D, it is the artist’s ability to technically infuse them into this plainness that brings it alive.

Even with its difficulty 3D graffiti is being explored by various graffiti artist, the result? Breathtaking. Most 3D graffiti artist take years to perfect their skills, still, there is a continuous mastering by way of practice and exploring new techniques as informed by their own personal style  to the art.

This week, we bring you a series of five graffiti artist who are doing exceptional works with 3D. We would be taking a peek into their art, their world in general as it informs their style, with the sole purpose of exploring this genre.


First on this series is Carlos Rodriguez also known as Carlos Mare or more simply, Mare193. Mare was born in the year 1965 and grew up in East Harlem in Upper Manhattan, New York.


Just like many of his contemporaries, Carlos began writing graffiti in the 70’s and 80’s when the art of graffiti was about reaching its peak. At that time, Carlos Mare was part of a group that created subway graffitis.


Carlos Mare’s 3D graffiti is inspired by the streets and from his own abstract imagination of modern art. He has been known for his innovative style to the art, one he gradually developed by mixing components of colours, designs, fades, arrows and pumps, gradually coalesced into a quasi three dimensional form.



Photo Source: Mare


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