Unique Street Artists

Some people still regard street art as artworks only associated with spraypaint and stencils. However, street and urban art fans will know that there are no limits to what an artist can create or which medium they use.
With that in mind, These street artists are stepping away from the preconceived image of what street art is, working wonders with their amazingly unique art.

1. Shatters

Shatters creates installations out of shards of glass and mirrors that he finds in the street or on the floor quite a time-consuming task as each installation takes hours to create the sculpture including the detail around it. You can find the majority of his work on walls in Montmartre, Paris.

Shatters street art


2. Jordane Saget a.k.a J3

J3 takes the world literally as his canvas; everywhere he goes there’s opportunity to doodles which he draws on well, everything, in his signature chalk patterns. He can be found running from place to place in and around Paris.

Jordane Saget - J3 - Graffiti Kings

3. Clet Abraham

Clet Abraham hacks street signs and makes them fun to look at! He has become more well-known for his work recently, with lots of media picking up on his tongue-in-cheek pieces around the centre of Paris. You know, it’s actually surprising how easy it is to miss them when you’re not expecting them to be there!

Clet Abraham

4. Mademoiselle Maurice

Mademoiselle Maurice famous for her incredible origami street installations – some of them span the entire length of buildings! I love how her work brightens up the street and also looks really pretty!

Mademoiselle Maurice

Mademoiselle Maurice

5. Mario Celedón

Mario Celedon doesn’t actually have any sort of online presence but he paints tiny (but beautiful) Impressionist-style scenes on bricks and steps in the city of Valparaiso, Chile. He’s nice enough to recreate the ones you like on canvas for you to take home! You can find his work dotted all around the city.

Mario Celedón

Mario Celedón

6. Peeta

Simply put Peeta makes amazing 3D graffiti! He sprays his name on walls with a technique that makes the word pop out like it’s alive, by adding dimension to the traditional formation of typography… this explanation was very, very simple compared to his explanation as to why he does what he does and how. Do read this it’s much more impressive!




7. Vhils 

Vhils style includes a process of deconstruction, he uses tools like chisels and power drills to literal scratch off the surface of buildings to create huge artworks. It must take such a long time to finish one piece!

Vhils 2


8. Zebrating

German duo Zebrating paint on the side of railings and steps, you can only see the whole image standing at the right angle. They normally use spray paint and each piece takes only around 30 minutes to create.


9. Jann Vorman

Jann Vorman puts lego in the place of bricks in the wall. They were completed for a project by Dispatchwork, which is a collaborative and worldwide project where people ‘fix’ broken walls with lego bricks to add colour and the memory of childhood playfulness to grey cities.

Jan Voorman

10. Alexey Menschikov

Alexey Menschikov makes art out of cracks in walls and floors. This awesomeness you can find on his Instagram feed. He has ‘adapted’ cracks in walls, wet patches, or a broken pipe… or even just a bunch of grapes. He does bring out playfulness, even from the most mundane or boring things.

Alexey Menschikov

Alexey Menschikov

via Graffiti Kings

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