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Video painting originated from Hilary Lawson’s interpretation of art as the attempt to avoid closure and approach openness resulting in a cool mix of technology and artistry, video painting is some next level art.

Bruno Levy | Video, Content, and Design

In recent times Sweatshoppe duo Blake Shaw and Bruno Levy developed video painting  which indicates how to merge urban art love, interactive installation and programming abilities. This video painting technology debuted 2009.  Using ingenious electronic paint rollers they created an illusion that they were painting videos on the wall.

Blake Shaw | Technology and Theory

In 2012, the duo pasted their videos in over 10 spots including the Berlin Wall, Les Invalides, Cordy House, London, Paris, Belgrade, and even constructed a 5-meter telescopic electronic paint roller to create a two-story tall video painting in Bristol, over a 2 weeks period.

They explored the connection between video, architecture, and mark making, working with a custom software they wrote which tracks the position of the paint rollers and smear digital video over concrete surfaces with paint creating live video collages in actual time.

image006 Aside from their artwork, they have worked on over 50 commercial campaigns and events across the US, Europe, South America and Asia over the past 7 years.image007

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