Yarn Bombing


Yarn installations are called yarn bombing, Kniffiti, graffiti knitting, urban knitting or yarn storming. Yarn bombing is a form of street art where yarns in form of knit, latch hook, crochet, cross stitch, wrapped or amigurumi (Japanese art of knitting or crocheting small, usually cute stuffed animals) is attached to an object in a public environment.

image005Unlike other forms of art, yarn bombing is exclusively for beautification, though originating from Texas, US yarn bombing evolved into groups graffiti knitting and crocheting worldwide.

Crochet Blossoms at Joy Kogawa House in Vancouver, Canada | Photo by Jeff Christenson

Joann Matrichuk of Lethbridge, Alberta founded the International Yarnbombing day which was observed for the first time June11th, 2011. Yarn bomb installations are typically found in urban areas, yarn bombers took their craft to streets, stitching cozies for everything from tiny racks to entire buses.

Scroll down for DIY Steps.

Groovy Bus by Madga Sayeg in Mexico City | Photo by Cesar Ortega


  • Search: You need to look for the object you would like to bomb; if your object is 3D then you should knit or crochet. Make sure the object has a means to secure your yarn from falling. If you want to settle for cross stitch or latch hook settle for a fence or park bench.
  • Draw: You have to draw a diagram of the object you plan to bomb; this helps you to collect its measurement easily. Fabric measuring tapes are perfect for the collection of measurements for objects with an odd shape.
Tank Blanket. Copenhagen, Denmark |  Photo by Marianne Jorgensen
  • Design: Time for you to decide what technique and design you will prefer, knitting, crocheting, putting an image, repeating a pattern or patchwork etc.
  • Create: Understand that you have to make a 2Dpiece wrap around your 3D object. A yarn sewing needle will be needed for stitching.
  • Install: You can do this day time if you want to be seen doing this or at night if you prefer to be anonymous (there is still a “guerrilla” aspect to it).
Cozy Patterns.  Bike Rack, Orinda, California. | StreetColor

Tools for installation: Ladder, a diagram of your chosen object, yarn sewing needle, extra yarn as thread and scissors.

NOTE: Yarn Bomb are non-permanent so you should set a date to take it down if you are yarn bombing a public place so as to avoid a mess when the yarn gets worn.

Happy Bombing!

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